If you cherish your vision and like staying on top of eyewear trends, it’s likely that you also take shopping for spectacles and sunglasses seriously.

Whether you’re in need of expanding your spectacles wardrobe or want to buy your nth pair of sunglasses just because, you’ll certainly have all your prescription and sartorial needs met at B.spoke by Jamco Optical.

Solid Legacy

The brainchild of eyewear enthusiast, Bryan Chin, a second-generation eyewear-preneur, B.spoke by Jamco Optical is the bona fide stylemeister’s trendy eyewear concept store, a spin-off to its mother brand Jamco Optical, which was established as early as in 1973.

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A little history: This service-oriented, multi-generational, family-run optical company is grounded in four decades of optometric professionalism, product quality and high service standards.

Over the years, Jamco Optical has grown its customer base through steadfastly building a sincere and trusted relationship with each and every regular. And in a market that’s over-flowing with options, and where brand loyalty is nearly non-existent, this is no mean feat.

But trust and support are not built overnight. They are nurtured through years of caring for the needs of customers, offering them a listening ear, providing them with professional advice, meeting their expectations in every way, and ensuring that they obtain quality products that improve their lives – all of which have been the very objectives and successes of Jamco Optical.

B.spoke by Jamco Optical is certainly borne of Jamco Optical’s legacy par excellence. It caters to the young, young-at-heart, trend-conscious and upwardly-mobile customer, who also demands the same remarkable standards that are offered at Jamco Optical. B.spoke by Jamco promises more of the same, and then some.

New Luxury

B.spoke by Jamco embraces luxury at its most progressive. This stylish boutique appeals to the design- and quality-conscious customer, who understands that personalized service, being catered to as an individual with specific and customizable needs, and having access to a top-notch array of desirable premium labels and their collections, form the basis of new luxury.

Besides a remarkable curation of cutting-edge designer eyewear brands, B.spoke by Jamco also offers the customer access to exclusive label collaborations and limited edition pieces. It is the proud purveyor of niche and cult brands such as MYKITA, Thom Browne, Dior, Dior Homme, Oliver Peoples, Moscot and Yellow Plus.

It has recently introduced exclusively, the distinguished label Mr Leight, a US-based luxury eyewear brand, and the uber stylish Lindberg Buffalo Horn series, both of which have already taken the fashion world by storm.

The new luxe furnished by B.spoke by Jamco is also about being in the right location. In line with its forward-thinking philosophy, B.spoke is aptly located in an enclave that speaks of a new, cool vibe, where tradition is fresh and vintage is vibrant again. Not that you need another reason to visit gem of the east, Katong, but tucked away in relaxed but hip-again Katong Shopping Centre, B.spoke by Jamco (and Jamco Optical) is indeed a treasure chest of cool in the eyewear arena, where shopping for desirable but hard-to-find pieces is an enjoyable affair. At B.spoke by Jamco, you can take your time to peruse as many pairs as you want, and make it a point to ask to see the rather vast collections of each of its carefully selected designer brands.

Nothing authenticates a retailer’s professionalism like positive testimonials. For B.spoke by Jamco and Jamco Optical, their customers often commend them for their reliable, friendly and good service, and for going the extra mile to fulfill their requests. Log on to their Facebook page for the full run of customer testimonials.

Says the man behind B.spoke by Jamco, Bryan Chin, “As local retailers prefer selling mass consumer brands, I saw an untapped market for these luxury brands in Singapore. I knew I had to introduce these cult brands here, and give customers who appreciate them access to these labels. I’m also a firm believer of personal touch, that’s why, even in a time of flourishing e-commerce, I like to emphasize the inimitable experience of shopping in a brick and mortar store – the service, advice, and time rendered, and the tactile experience of trying on as many pairs as you want, is priceless. All this adds up to a new type of personal luxury.”

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For more information on the eyewear models and collections B.spoke by Jamco hosts, check out their online page and follow their Instagram (@jamcooptical) for more images. You can also email us [email protected] or call +65 6345 9519 to make an appointment.

Address: 865 Mountbatten Road. B1-99 Katong Shopping Centre. Singapore 437844