You know you’ve come to the right place for stylishly-designed and innovatively-crafted designer eyewear when the well-edited selection of brands it offers reads like a who-who list of some of the world’s most respected eyewear names.

While B.spoke by Jamco’s vision care business thrives on its unfaltering expertise and unfailing service, the third and equally important factor that makes it stand head and shoulders above run-of-the-mill eyewear boutiques is, undoubtedly, the brands it proudly purveys. Here is B.spoke by Jamco’s must-know portfolio of exquisite names that embrace progressive technology and fashion-forward luxury, and why B.spoke by Jamco is where you’ll find one of Singapore’s most carefully curated selections of high-quality, stylish, designer eyewear:


DIOR 0222S_2011350DOH2A_P02You may assume that the name sells itself, but a designer label’s reputation is only as distinctive as the products it creates. Dior Homme is the complete brand that combines technical prowess, modernity, sophistication, with directional design. Dior Homme creatively interprets cutting-edge masculinity in every pair of its eye frames, and each is outstanding in a trendsetting way, yet always cool, understated, and never ostentatious.


Thanks to its former Creative Director Hedi Slimane’s minimalist architectural vision, fashion seekers will inevitably be drawn to Dior Homme’s eyewear designs, not only because they are always of the minute, but also because they are timeless and design-driven in the most beautiful, ergonomical way – certainly a reflection of the tenets that the couture House of Dior upholds.

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Inspired by LA’s Hollywood jet-set, Mr. Leight, exclusive to B.spoke by Jamco, personifies the style of the new Rat Pack, kings of cool, and princes of style, not unlike that of those immutable old-world Hollywoodians, who lived and loved at LA’s famous Chateau Marmont, playground of celluloid legends, and where time stands still. Mr. Leight is the perfect amalgamative success story of Larry Leight’s decades-long history working with top eyewear craftsmen in the world, as Founder and Creative Director of Oliver Peoples, and his son, Garrett’s uncompromising endeavor in Garrett Leight California Optical.  From the plethora of Mr Leight’s relaxed eyewear frame collections, the singular theme of ‘dressed up Saturday’ pervades – an original brand of Californian chic that’s unpretentious yet utterly infectious.



To say that cutting-edge eyewear label MYKITA can be summed up as “Berlin City Chic” is not untrue. But these words also only begin to scratch the surface of one of Germany’s most progressive eyewear brands. MYKITA is defined by its years of leading in the eyewear business, through precise application of research and innovation, and its visionary use of materials. The secret of MYKITA’S success lies in its holistic and self-contained business philosophy that brings together expertise from different disciplines and its ability to harness the power of a self-sufficient network. Whether it be in the field of material technology, design, or trends, MYKITA HAUS is where all these, and more, converge, and the magic of producing style-forward eyewear of exceptional quality and reliability happens. MYKITA is where unsurpassed German optical precision meets the heart of modern sartorialism that is Berlin City Chic.



One of the world’s most famous eyewear brands, especially among initiated fashion and style leaders, Oliver Peoples’ brand of understated elegance is well-known and loved. Versatile in looks, Oliver Peoples’ collections easily span ‘learned beatnik’ to ‘stylish fashion-phile’, and everything in between. To call it a brand for every quality- and style-conscious individual from 19 to 99 would not be far wrong. From spectacle frames to sunglasses, the inimitable simplicity of every Oliver Peoples frame reflects the genius of the brand – that it is able to make something pure and simple so immensely exceptional and desired across generations. Good taste truly has a favourite brand.



Envisioned and made in Japan, Yellows Plus is one of the optical industry’s foremost creators of truly classic frames, remarkably comfortable spectacles that afford each of its wearers an understated elegance. Yellows Plus’ strict adherence to the traditional form is something the brand takes exceedingly seriously. The brand is also well-known for being in touch with the contemporary looks preferred by young and trendy customers, and those who are simply trendy-at-heart. Yellows Plus believes that one should wear the frames and not the other way around. As such, all Yellows Plus frames are designed to bring out the best of each wearer’s features, outfits and accoutrements. Yellows Plus’ global design marque makes it suitable and ideal for all face shapes, features, even skin tones. Designed by Toshiaki Yamagishi, who’s big on relaxed, classic looks, each pair of Yellows Plus spectacles is made precisely for beauty, comfort and durability. This season, Yellows Plus collaborates with B.spoke by Jamco in presenting two handsome and limited edition collections of optical eyewear, Edgar and Nicky (only 25 pieces per model worldwide). While Edgar frames give you a stylishly studiousness look, Nicky’s soften and flatter every contour on your face.


While you’re at B.Spoke picking out the latest eyewear, don’t forget to ask about Hoya lenses, especially if a new prescription is in order. Hoya Blue Control lenses are highly recommended for anyone who spends hours at a stretch reading and writing off digital devices, which in the long run can cause eye strain from reduced blinking and excessive exposure to blue light. Hoya’s Nulux Active lenses in particular, are created to lessen strain and tiredness, so that your eyes feel more energized even after long hours of reading. They are also immensely comfortable, and don’t cause image distortions, unlike other normal lenses.  


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