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From near-endless hotel buffets, Chi-Chi restaurants, to coastal hangouts, His Style Diary’s got you covered. But why brunch you may well ask, considering we’re likely to be eating all day (and night) during the upcoming festive season, from Christmas Eve right through to Boxing Day?

4 Shiok and Chic Mod-Sin Restaurants to Dine At

In this food ode to SG53, His Style Diary recommends you dive into the familiar yet serendipitous Mod-Sin gourmet renditions of these skillful chefs, all of which are served at their charming, chill, double-confirmed, super-glocal restaurants.

Exploring the Underbelly of Seoul’s Dining Scene

On a recent trip to Seoul I signed up with O’ngo Food Communications for a Night Dining Tour. Our guide for the evening was Won Choi, who spoke fluent English. It transpired that Won was studying in London and working as a tour guide with O’ngo while on his semester break.

Luxury Redefined

You’re going to hear a lot more of the word plénitude. Meaning “the quality or state of being full”, it is now the name of Dom Pérignon’s late-release wine, previously known as Oenothèque.
Clicquot Mailbox_Product Image_2

Going Postal Takes on New Meaning with the Veuve Clicquot Pop-Up Store

Innovative champagne house Veuve Clicquot pays tribute to the art of writing with the Veuve Clicquot Mail Pop‐Up Store at Paragon Atrium 2. Running from 20-31 July, this is your chance to grab a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in special edition livery including the Clicquot Mailbox, Clicquot Envelope, Suit Me bottle stopper and Shopping Bag bottle sleeve. Each unique design transforms the package from a static element into part of the champagne drinking experience.