Style archetypes are not rules; they’re observations of repeated themes, patterns, and preoccupations in the world of men’s fashion. Think of archetypes as the colors of a painter’s palette. They can be used separately, but when mixed together they create new colors – and the entire painting is the fashion world.

Most people don’t dress just one way; their wardrobe choices are informed by two or more archetypes. Designers generally fuse different archetypes to create new looks for the runway.

Along the vast spectrum of fashion there are traditionalists on one end, sticking close to golden rules of suiting and tailoring. On the other, you have eclectics who prefer to invent their own rules, fiercely independent and wildly creative. Such iconic archetypes as the preppy Ivy Leaguer or the leather-clad rebel rocker came to reflect society and the prevailing popular culture.

Other archetypes reflect instead the inner psyche of people, whether it’s the islander who yearns for eternal sunshine or the utilitarian who staunchly seeks pragmatism in his way of dress. Even within each archetype, subdivisions arise from diverging

preferences,parallel movements in separate geographical locations, and inevitable revision and reinvention.

Is one better than the other? We think not. For both the beginner and the seasoned stylist, the complexity of the fashion world is what makes it at once exciting and daunting. The archetypes we’ve established are attempts, in a useful albeit general way, to map out this ever-expanding arena. What we want to help you do is find your own space within this spectrum.

Through the His Style Archetypes™ system, you can learn about the major looks in menswear history that have withstood the test of time. Find a style that appeals to you, your lifestyle, and your needs. Better yet, you can explore looks you never thought would fit your personality.

Worried you can’t put a style together? We’ll tell you what to look out for, and where to find them. With the lookbooks in His Style Archetypes™, you can recreate your desired style for yourself – and finally wear something that says “you”. In short, we want to empower you to write your own style diary.