We’re all familiar with the routine: well-dressed individuals mill about outside runway venues, essentially parading for street style photographers (and boy, are there many of them), hoping perhaps they may get some Internet fame. Or maybe they’re just earnest fashion week attendees on their way to the shows.

In the case of Seoul, it would not be unreasonable to say that the street style arena outshone what was happening inside the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Try searching Seoul Fashion Week on Google Images, and almost all the results that appear are photos of street style. It’s hard to find any of the actual runway event.

In fact, the people who took the Internet by storm were kids – Vogue.com coined it “tiny street style”, uploading an album of cutely stylish children as photographed by Alex Finch.

If there’re style lessons to learn from the culture that brought us spellbinding dramas, immaculate skin, and singing-dancing beauties in groups of five and above, here they are:

> Return to the basics – wear it plain, and in white, grey, black, or camel.
> If you want color, pick burgundy.
> Contrary to the runway’s trend of loose pants, tight slim cut is still in.
> But the runway did get one thing right: souvenir jackets are cool again.
> Normcore is not going away.

Thanks to GARBAGELAPSAP‘s Nicholas, we got a close look at the spiffy gentlemen of Seoul, here on display for your reference. To best inspire you, we picked a variety of shots that cover most of His Style Archetypes. Enjoy!

All Photography by Nicholas Ng, Garbagelapsap.com