This week, we found our #HisStyleSnaps personality right here in Singapore. Not the stereotypical Singaporean guy who couldn’t care less about how he dresses, Garrick Smith is in fact a personal shopper with great flair and knowledge of the latest runway trend and “it-bags”. Sporting a boyish ash blond haircut, you can tell that Garrick has not intention of blending in, but takes pride in looking extraordinarily sharp.

We got him to share with us his style rules, his private bag collection, and some tips on taking great selfies.


HSD: Tell me a bit about yourself! 

GARRICK SMITH: I’m a personal shopper, and it’s something I really enjoy. I’m from Singapore.

HSD: I see that you do a lot of fashion and #OOTDs on your Instagram feed! What is your personal style?

GS: OVERSIZED and PULLOVER. I love my top to be something boxy, oversized and long sleeves. It also allows me to have freedom of movement.


HSD: Who is your style icon? Someone who inspires the way you dress?

GS: I don’t have a style icon; I get inspiration from everywhere. Mainly from my friends, fashion magazines, and Instagram.

HSD: What are your top rules for dressing up?

GS: Less is more. Don’t put everything together.


HSD: Tell us a fashion trend that you love, and one that you hate.

GS: I love oversized top, and I hate people wearing clothes that are so small and tight that they can’t even breathe, or that restrict their movement.

HSD: What are some of the fashion brands that you wear?

GS: COS, H&M, CheapMonday, Givenchy, Zara!


HSD: Do you consider yourself brand conscious? Why?

GS: Yes and no. I adore branded goods, because of the amazing craftsmanship and the quality.
I do wear brand-less clothing, as long as they look appealing to me. Brand or brand-less, it’s fine.

HSD: I see that you seem to have an obsession for bags and accessories. 

GS: They complement my outfits, and I can always repeat the same accessories on a different outfit. And they’re never enough!

HSD: Describe the most beloved bag you own, and tell us why you love it so much.

GS: Hermès Kelly Lakis. It’s a Kelly bag with 2 front pockets and a back zip pocket. It makes things much easier.


HSD: If I were to look into your bag now, what’s one thing that will surprise me?

GS: 3 pairs of sunglasses! Yes I know I don’t need to bring so many of them. But I’m quite lazy at times. I’ll just put them all in my bag.

HSD: I see that you are very adventurous with your hairstyle. Is there an inspiration behind it?

GS: I wanted something different that would lighten up my looks. My hairstylist recommended me to go blond and I’m super in love with my hairstyle now.


HSD: Can you tell me your favourite hairstyle of all time?

GS: Blond ash grey – my current hairstyle!✌🏻️

HSD: Do you find that men, in general, couldn’t care much about dressing up? Any advice?

GS: Yes, I know it’s always summer in Singapore. I would suggest reading and looking at more fashion magazines, and paying more attention to details. Dressing up is a form of good manners.

HSD: How addicted are you to Instagram, from 1–10, 10 being “I can’t live without it”?

GS: 10! I’m always on my phone.

HSD: What’s a tip to taking great #OOTDs for Instagram?

GS: Good lighting and good background. Take as many shots as possible, so you can choose the best!

You can follow Garrick on his Instagram @gaaarrickk.