If you have ever had a professional facial, you would know how amazing your skin feels afterwards. At the same time, you would also be very familiar with how your skin reverts to its pre-facial condition rather quickly ala Cinderella from riches to rags when that darn clock strikes at midnight.

This - but in reverse...

Like this – but in reverse…

My curiosity was piqued recently when I was introduced to a professional facial that allows you to continue the post-treatment benefits right at home until your next facial comes along. Enter AnteAGE MD® Signature Facetherapy. It’s purported to reduce wrinkle and pore size, plus lighten the effects of sun damage. ‘Nuff said. Sign me up already!

The AnteAGE MD® Signature Facetherapy is a new treatment that was introduced to Singapore in November last year. In the same month, NU.U MediaSpa was kind enough to invite me to try out this facial as part of the His Style Diary’s Tried and Tested column. I was told the treatment would consist of three segments that would take somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes. I was also told that it would be a relaxing treatment (i.e. painless) and that was certainly an appealing thought in the midst of editorial deadlines and Christmas shopping (so many sales going on and so little time!).

The first step is a SilkPeel Dermalinfusion. This is a process akin to a microdermabrasion in that it exfoliates the topmost layer of dead skin on your face. However, that’s where the similarity ends. SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is unique in that it is termed as a wet exfoliation. That is because as it gently removes dead skin cells and dislodges impurities from your skin, the same handpiece of the machine also infuses your skin with AnteAGE MD® serums that hydrates and rejuvenates the freshly revealed skin. The result is definitely one to behold. This step of the treatment left my skin feeling very clean yet supple and moist. It felt like I had just used a hydrating sheet mask. Many dermabrasion treatments or laser facials do give you squeaky clean skin but they tend to leave your skin feeling ever so slightly on the dry side. While that is often resolved by following up with a hydrating mask, the two step process can take a while to complete. In this instance, the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion needs less time to complete as exfoliation and hydration are done in a single step.

The second step is derma-rolling. This is also referred to as micro-needling and as the name suggests, this is a handheld device with a wheel of tiny and short needles on one end of it. The Microchannel Roller is used in this treatment and it comes with 192 needles that are each 0.25mm in length. The wheel is rolled gently onto your skin which creates microscopic wounds. This is said to induce collagen regeneration in your skin as it heals these tiny wounds. While this may sound like a medieval torture device, the process itself isn’t painful at all. Derma-rolling prepares your skin to better absorb the AnteAGE MD® serum that would be applied afterwards. This is a crucial step of the treatment and one that should be repeated weekly for maximum positive results. Therefore, the client is given a kit to bring home that consists of the Microchannel Roller and the AnteAGE MD® serum. The serum enhances the derma-rolling benefits with natural Stem Cytokines and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. I was taught how to use this kit as this step of the treatment is being performed on me. This kit consists of five vials of serum which allow the client to maintain the positive effects the treatment has on the skin until their next monthly appointment.

The last step is a warm facial massage. Your skin is luxuriated with even more AnteAGE MD® serum that is delivered to your skin via an ultrasound probe that feels comfortably warm. Once done, a masque that’s specially customised to your skin type would then be applied to your face as you rest for 20 minutes. For those of us that could barely get in more than six hours of sleep per night, this provides the perfect moment to steal 40 winks and take a quick catnap.

You snooze, you erm wake up refreshed?

You snooze, you erm… wake up with great skin?

So, what about the final result, you ask? After using the home microneedling kit for a month, I’ve noticed less visibility of the pores on the sides of my nose. That’s pretty encouraging. However, as with most treatments targeting pores, I’m also very well aware that continual improvement comes with regular treatments. Perhaps it’s time to consider making my next appointment now!