Big things come from humble beginnings. For Edison Cross, who now heads up the digital marketing efforts for a dynamic fashion organisation, started as an assistant in a charity drive during Singapore’s Men’s Fashion Week. What was a college-time exposure to a corner of the fashion world has since blossomed into a full, vibrant career that takes him all over the world. Prompting, of course, a very enviable feed on Instagram, filled with selfies of him against stunning architecture in England, pretty flowers and snowy mountains in Japan, and runways from Paris to Seoul.

Most befitting of these beautiful pictures is Edison’s wardrobe. Always on point, his style is heavy on the sportswear, in all its glorious forms. Edison is oft pictured in bright colours, whether on the latest Louis Vuitton Volez Voguez Voyagez jacket, or a Kenzo pullover. Then there’s the occasional photo of him clad in more dramatic fashion, like a patchwork car jacket from Valentino, or a Dolce & Gabbana shearling jacket.

We speak to him about how he got started on his career, his particular love for shoes, and a self-diagnosed addiction to social media.

Edison Cross

HIS STYLE DIARY: Your Instagram displays a stylish lifestyle and lots of travel. Tell us more about yourself and how you got started on what you do?

EDISON CROSS: Growing up, I was never into fashion. My idea of fashion was wearing cool graphic t-shirts and jeans. When I was in university, I was offered the opportunity to help out with a charity drive during the Men’s Fashion Week 2011 in Singapore. That was my first taste of the fashion industry. I was so energised by the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, I decided to stay on and start working full time with FIDe Fashion Weeks. One thing led to another, now we’re heading the Asian Couture Federation and COUTURíSSIMO, a multi-designer label created by a collective of world-renowned couturiers. We travel a lot around Asia, Europe, and America to develop our business. Hence, the constant travel photos on my Instagram. I am currently heading the digital marketing efforts for our all our entities.

HSD: What is your personal style?

EC: I love high street fashion brands like Dior, Dsquared2, and Dolce & Gabanna. Dsquared2 and Dolce & Gabanna are very bold in their prints and colours, which I love. I love colours and graphic prints that are signature to a brand. I appreciate how much effort these brands put in to really own their designs. Dior is on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of style. Dior is very streamlined, clean, and monochromatic. Every season, there might be just one pop of colour and that’s it. Although Dior doesn’t have the crazy colours or bold prints, I love how Dior keeps their branding so pristine. That attracts me very much.

HSD: Any other brands you love? 

EC: Saint Laurent and Givenchy.

HSD: Who is your style icon? Someone who inspires the way you dress?

EC: Anna Dello Russo (Editor-at-Large, Vogue Japan). I love how she manages to dress how she feels all the time. The bright colours, bold prints, and oversized everything. Her style is truly larger than life. Fashion should be like this: effortless and fun.

Edison Cross
HSD: Some guys love shoes, some love belts. What’s your favourite accessory? Why?

EC: I love shoes. They say a lot about a person: the personality, the state of mind, etc. If you are in the fashion industry, you must always wear a stylish pair of shoes. You’ll be surprised how far this pair of shoes will take you.

HSD: When it comes to clothing, you should always invest in…?

EC: A good pair of shoes. 🙂

HSD: Tell us a fashion trend that you love, and one that you hate.

EC: I love the current trend of pastel pink and blue. My favourite colours. I don’t really have a trend that I hate. I always go with the flow.

HSD: What do you think is a big trend for menswear that is going to be on for a while?

EC: I think ripped jeans is going to stay on for a while, just because the street fashion scene is so into it.

What is one ensemble that you think any man can pull off? Is it sportswear, a suit, or?

EC: Any man will look amazing in a sharp suit. A word of advice – always tailor your suit. Clothing measurements are based on generalisation, it never fits perfectly off the rack.

HSD: If I looked in your bag, what would be one thing that will surprise me?

EC: My passport. It’s always in my bag because I never stop traveling.

HSD: Which is your favourite city? 

EC: My current favourite city is London because the fashion industry is so vibrant. And it is the only city in the world where you can find the coolest menswear brands.

HSD: As a photographer, what kind of subject interests you the most?

EC: I love shooting portraits and landscapes.

HSD: I see many OOTD shots of yourself, do you have someone to shoot it for you professionally?

EC: No, it’s all shot by my colleagues or whoever’s with me at that point in time.

HSD: What is one routine you have to do before you leave the house? 

EC: I always have my cap on because using chemicals for hairstyling is bad. I try not to style my hair if I am allowed to. Perfume is a must before going out. I stopped using sunscreen for a while, but I really should get it back into my routine. It is the most effective anti-aging product.

HSD: How addicted are you to Instagram, from 1–10, 10 being “I can’t live without it”?

EC: 10. Haha!

You can follow Edison Cross on Instagram here