A suit is a man’s modern-day armour and it also helps create a structured silhouette. This is a boon especially for men who do not have bodies sculpted in the gym. However, the sweltering heat in Singapore means that suits are automatically censored from a Singaporean man’s closet, or doesn’t it? While pulling off a suited-up look can be tricky in our tropical climate, it is nowhere near impossible. How then can we make a suited look work in Singapore? There are several factors we must keep in mind such as the style and fit of the suit. However, the most important area to zoom into is the choice of material. Listed below are materials that work well for warm weather and look spiffy enough for a workplace that doesn’t require a strict formal dress code.


Linen is lightweight and very breathable. The breathability comes from the fabric being loosely woven. That said, the downside of a loose weave is that the fabric has difficulty holding its shape well. It drapes (sometimes slouches) and crinkles easily. However, this is also what lends it a carefree and casual look that may not be that suitable for the office. To make a linen suit work for your office, you can look for one that has a wool or cotton blended into the material. Do note that while the blend reduces crinkling, it doesn’t remove it totally.

1069550_mrp_ou_lHUSBANDS Light-Blue Slim-Fit Linen Suit


Chambray is closely linked to denim but the two are not identical. The difference lies in the way the two fabrics are woven. Simply put, chambray employs an even criss-cross pattern of weaving threads while denim takes on a diagonal twill patter. Using a criss-cross pattern results in a softer and thinner fabric which thus aids in breathability. While chambray is commonly found in blue, just like denim, it is increasingly being offered in other hues as well.SUIT_2pc_FashionFoundationCotton_BlueChambray_hero1

The Foundation Chambray Suit


The trademark look that identifies seersucker is the puckered pattern. The word, Seersucker, has Persian origins and is a combination of the words sheer and shakar. These two words stand for “milk” (sheer) and “sugar” (shakar) and it’s commonly thought that the two words are used to describe this fabric because of the references to the alternating smooth (like milk) and bumpy (like sugar) textures. Seersucker is made of cotton and therefore is very lightweight. Like linen, seersucker crinkles too, albeit less easily. The crinkling is what increases breathability as it creates distance between the skin and fabric when worn.


ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Grey Unstructured Striped Cotton-Seersucker Suit Jacket



100% cotton suits are the go-to to make a suited look work in warm weather. Cotton is lightweight and this increases the comfort during wear. However, cotton does come in different weights like wool so for warmer weather such as that in Singapore, it’s important to pick one in the lighter range, such as the 7-8oz range. Do note that cotton crinkles as well. However, its tendency to crinkle is ranked lowest when compared to linen, chambray and seersucker. 1057706_mrp_ou_l

CARUSO Sky-Blue Slim-Fit Unstructured Stretch-Cotton Twill Suit Jacket