The year-end holiday season is nigh, and you’ll likely be meeting family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. You still have to show up at the office, but there are also parties fun and formal to attend. How to stay stylish all season, and at all kinds of events you may be going to? What are the best hairstyles this season?

Who better than Jason Schneidman to give us a few tips? He’s the Men’s Groomer, a celebrity stylist who does Hugh Jackman and Bruno Mars’ hair, and uses Dove Men+Care’s products on all his clients. Here’s to better-looking hair on family photos!

HIS STYLE DIARY: What are three of the most asked-for / trendiest hairstyles for men in Fall/Winter 2015?

JASON SCHNEIDMAN: The first is what I like to call the “movie star cut.” It’s long on the top and a bit shorter on the sides, but not buzzed – and I think it’s the perfect length for men. The cut is easy to style and I recommend using a quarter-sized amount of the Dove Men+Care Fortifying Styling Paste to slightly push the sides down a bit and let the top be pushed up a bit with a messy look. The paste gives men’s hair a natural-looking texture, with a matte finish.

Next is the “classic meets modern”, which is very much inspired by the 90’s, and back on trend. Men are now sporting longer over shorter cuts. To achieve this, just ask your barber to slightly trim your hair when you get it cut, which will keep it healthy and grow longer. A lot of people think that if they want their hair to grow they need to avoid haircuts altogether, but this will actually causes split ends that can stunt the growth of the hair.

The last is the pompadour, which is a very popular style for men right now. It’s a little more stylish than the basic swept back look or comb over. You can create this look by cutting the hair short on the sides and longer on the top. It is the type of cut that requires a little more style and attention. Men should blow dry their hair up and backwards and then add product to shape the hair with a gel or paste.

HSD: How do I manage these hairstyles so they last through the winter?

JS: It’s important to care for your hair so it’s not too dry or oily, especially during the dry winter months. I strongly recommend getting regular trims from your stylist to rid the hair of split ends, maintain the shape of the cut, and understand how to style your hair correctly.

It’s also crucial to use a good shampoo. I’m a big fan of washing your hair a little less; no one should be washing every day. I say every other day if you have fine hair but at most twice a week for guys with curly, more coarse hair. Condition your hair at least once a week to keep the scalp and hair follicles strong and moisturised.

The scalp can get dry in the winter, which is why I usually recommend the Dove Men+Care Anti-Dandruff Fortifying Shampoo for my clients. It’s developed with Pyrithione Zinc and infused with caffeine. This particular shampoo helps to strengthen your hair while improving scalp help for those who suffer from winter flaking and dryness.

HSD: Seeing that Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years are all coming, there’ll be many parties and family gatherings to go to. How do I go from workplace, to party, to formal dinners?

JS: For men with long hair, I actually recommend men wearing it up high in a top knot, or what some people call a man bun. I have longer hair and it’s easy to go from day to night by simply tying a tighter knot and applying a little product for a clean look.

The top knot is easily achieved by pulling the hair into a loose tie – you can style this on the top of your head or lower by the nape of the neck. The more sleek, pushed back is created by using a quarter-sized squeeze of Dove Men+Care Fortifying Styling Gel on wet hair and brushing the hair back.

If your hair is shorter on the sides, use your fingers to run some styling gel or paste through your hair. This can help give your hair a little texture and give you a sleek, festive look for all of your holiday parties. Or mess it up for a casual party or night out at the clubs.


This article is part of our Fall Style Diary series. For seven weeks in the fall/winter season, His Style Diary will be offering some nifty advice on how to best seize the final trimester of 2015. Our focus is, of course, style – the colors and fabrics to wear this season, must-have fall accessories, and even something for those who live in the tropics but still wish to get into the mood of autumn.

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