Even people in California know it in their bones, quite literally: the fall is finally upon us. After a warm Halloween’s weekend, it’s suddenly twenty degrees cooler, and rain actually fell for a couple of days in Los Angeles. As monsoons sweep through the tropics, a hurricane visits the parched Arabian peninsula, and smoky skies above America and Europe drop ice-cold rain as a cruel warm-up for the coming snow… Well, it’s time to brave the rain in style!

As you might’ve heard, longer car coats are the next big thing this season. Good news: there are waterproof versions! Ditch that nondescript go-to poncho, because staying dry doesn’t have to be drab. We’ve got you covered with a head to toe selection of the slickest umbrellas, weatherproof outerwear, water-repellent pants, and the coolest flooded-pavement-proof footwear.

(On a sidenote: did you know that B. J. Thomas’ hit song “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”, which climbed to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and won the Oscar for Best Original Song, was released in the fall of 1969?)


The most important layer you’ll need when the floodgates of heaven get thrown open is a raincoat. A few practical pointers when getting a raincoat. Firstly, length: longer means more coverage, but for most people below the knee is as far as you can go without compromising body proportions.

Secondly, fit: a coat shouldn’t look like a drape. Men with a ruler body shape (as opposed to a V-frame) can benefit from a coat with a belt. And lastly, warmth. This will depend if the wind that comes at you is balmy or icy. If it’s the latter, you’ll need a lined coat that will give you an extra layer to keep the heat in.

If you’re a traditionalist at heart, the classic belted trench coat is your best bet. The iconic honey-colored Burberry trench coat is of cornerstone status, but we like the midnight blue version that gives it an extra shade of mystery and formality.

Those who prefer a simpler silhouette would do best with car coats that have a hidden placket, and no epaulettes. Uniqlo offers one with a reversible lining that is also removable – perfect for unpredictable temperatures. Mackintosh, one of the very first companies in the world to make waterproof outerwear, makes a shorter, more modern coat called the Dunoon. 

Can a raincoat be sporty? Sure – H&M’s version of a raincoat is a hooded zip-up that will keep wind out with its press-stud placket flap. The grey coated cotton gives it an active, youthful feel that other coats lack. GAP’s bright red parka offers the rugged some striking details like contrasting white drawstrings, metallic buttons, and flap pockets.


With the growing popularity of biking as an environmentally-friendly alternative to driving, niche companies focussing on making weather-proof apparel have sprouted up especially in the States. Add these to a long coat and you’ll be fully covered!

Outlier’s beautifully cut chinos offer quick-dry and water-repellent properties, and with four different colors make them suitable for casual hangouts and formal evenings alike. Swrve’s slim-cut version has reinforced reflective belt loops, as well as a French terry interior and a seamless diamond gusset for extra comfort.

The Division Chino by Mission Workshop does the same things thanks to Swiss-made Schoeller®-Dryskin fabric and Nanosphere® water-repellent treatment – and you can try it for free. For a more mainstream offering, Levi’s has many of its classic styles made water-repellent for its Commuter series, such as the 511 slim-fits.


Wasn’t it so much easier when we were kids? Pull on some bright yellow Wellingtons and off we go smashing puddles – and we looked awesome. As most things do, finding shoes that look good and keep our toes dry got way more complicated as we entered manhood. (Read: don’t wear Wellies).


For those who can pull off sneakers with their daily work wear, Converse has a brilliant solution: rubber high-tops. The laces do get wet, but the rest of the shoe does a fine job of keeping the water out. Best part, it’s actually quite comfortable. For a simpler chukka style, Hunter’s Bakerson sneakers are the way to go.

Those who need a more professional look, consider shoes made with cordovan leather, like Allen Edmond’s Park Avenue Oxfords. They may not be built to keep water out, but equine leather is naturally water-repellent, and so you won’t ruin them if you step into a puddle. They retain their shine, crease little, and are of the sturdiest leathers you can find. ECCO makes a much more wallet-friendly synthetic version.

Sportifs and Hypebeasts rejoice – there are statement sneakers that are waterproof too! A great example is Nike’s AirMax Lunar 90, which comes in striking colorways over a futuristic profile. And as though we even needed to tell you Utilitarians, Timberland makes a handsome pair of rain-safe boots in the Earthkeepers Heritage Rugged Boot.


Umbrellas have become so ubiquitous that no one really pays attention to which one they carry. But did you know that the gentlemen in Victorian England carried umbrellas as accessories, even on sunny days? There’s little worse than seeing a well-dressed man whip out a flimsy retractable from his briefcase, and it screams “7-Eleven”.

If you’re in a proper coat, carrying a full-sized brolly looks super slick – so much so you wouldn’t mind not having a free hand. For an extra dose of style, get one with a wooden handle, and preferably either in a plain, neutral color or covered in a classic print like houndstooth or plaid. That would ensure it suits the maximum number of outfits you wear.

In black fabric with sturdy fibreglass ribs, and a rich malacca wood handle adorned with a gold collar, Fox Umbrellas’ GA2 will last you a long time both in style and function. Despite its ye olde gentleman look, it opens with a push of a button. For an added quirkiness to the classy look, try London Undercover’s duck head umbrella in matt tartan. And yes, the handle is a duck’s head!

A more modern silhouette can be found in Blunt’s Classic, which swaps out the traditional curved handle for a thicker, straight grip. It’s also pretty hi-tech: “radial tensioning” keeps it in shape even in the mightiest gales, and no sharp edges means no bloodied eyes.

And if you have to carry a collapsible, the Davek Mini offers a stylish option that retracts to just seven inches. It comes in ten different colors, and isn’t too expensive (to get two to match more clothes). Plus, it has a lifetime guarantee. Now who can say that about their brolly?


This article is part of our Fall Style Diary series. For seven weeks in the fall/winter season, His Style Diary will be offering some nifty advice on how to best seize the final trimester of 2015. Our focus is, of course, style – the colors and fabrics to wear this season, must-have fall accessories, and even something for those who live in the tropics but still wish to get into the mood of autumn.

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