Here’s some cold hard truth to cool you down on a warm summer day. We’re all going to die. Someday. Hopefully later than we expect to. Now that we got the morbid part out of the way, let’s get to the other piece of truth in life. We’re all aging. It’s happening every second. Just like no one can live forever, we can’t freeze our look at a certain age in time. Well, not yet, anyway. At the rate of technological advances, perhaps the answer to both situations could appear in our lifetime. Meanwhile, our best bet when it comes to aging is to slow it down and more importantly, age well and look our best whatever our age may be.

Our skin is often the first indicator of age. We typically associate babies and children with soft, supple skin and those who are older with drier skin and wrinkles. Given that skin is the largest organ of our body and therefore the most visible indicator of our age, it is therefore pertinent to ensure that we treat it well to look our best. Just like quitting of smoking, it’s never too late to treat your skin right and start reaping the benefits.

Here are four key areas of your skin to pay special attention to, so it can look its best whatever your age may be.


Eyes are the windows to our soul… and our age. There are four basic skincare items that a man needs and eye cream is one of them (the other three being a cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen). Those lines behind the corners of our eyes are usually the first indicator of age. Nice people call them laugh lines and the not-so-nice refer to them as crow’s feet. As the skin around our eyes is literally paper thin, it’s fragile and gets dry easily. Eye cream keeps it moisturised and therefore, delays the onset of wrinkles and makes them look less obvious if they’re already present. Go for something with caffeine or a roller-ball head if eye bags are also something you struggle with. If you have deeper pockets, invest in a more premium eye cream. On the flip side, if you’re cost-conscious, drugstore brands work just as well. Remember, something is better than nothing.

Clinique For Men Anti-fatigue Eye Gel

Clinique Anti-age Eye Cream



A nice and clean face is akin to a spotless blank canvas. Both allows whatever else that’s on it to pop and stand out. Our face is also where other people focus on the most when we interact with them. Lines and sun-spots on the face are usually what most people associate with age. What causes lines is typically a lack of hydration. A good moisturiser hydrates and plumps the skin, therefore creating a less favourable environment for lines to get deep-set faster than they should. All skin types need hydration, even oily skin. Choose a lotion form if your skin is oilier and a cream form if your skin is normal or drier.


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Sun-spots are pigmentation on the skin caused by prolonged exposure to the skin without any sort of sun protection. They can also add ages to our face. The common misconception men have is that sunscreen will make them look pale. Your skin will still get darker in the sun with sunscreen on. What sunscreen does is to protect your skin from damage by harmful UV rays. It does that by delaying the time it takes for that to happen. Skincare technology has advanced so much that sunscreen is now much less heavy than it used to be. Check out our article on sunscreens to learn what will work best with your needs. If you’re truly pressed for time every morning, go for a moisturiser that has SPF protection that does two jobs at the same time.

Dr. Jackson’s SPF20 01 Day Cream

Dr. Jackson’s SPF20 01 Day Cream


The neck area is often neglected in skincare. However, it is an important area to take note of as dry, crepey skin on the neck can make us look older than we are. The good news is, it is an easy peasy area to take care of as you merely need to extend your use of facial moisturiser downwards. That helps hydrate and plump the skin so we can delay the appearance of what’s often referred to as a turkey neck.


This is yet another area of our skin that’s a tell-tale indicator of age. Dry, rough hands speckled with sun-spots can make your skin look older than it is. Use a hand cream after washing your hands to reintroduce moisture to the skin. This is especially important as we wash our hands several times a day. Want to be at the top of your skincare game? Use sunscreen on your hands to prevent and delay the appearance of sun-spots. If all that is too much work for you, just make sure that you apply a generous layer of hand cream on your hands before you go to bed. Pick one with a lighter consistency for better and faster absorption if you’re using it frequently, and a heavier one if you’re only using it at night. Your hands will thank you for it by looking its best and so will others, for the positive side effect is softer skin – no one likes shaking hands with sandpaper. Your partner will thank you too as making out with someone that has loofah hands is just zero fun and all ouch.


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