So, where did summer go? It’s time now to ditch those tees and shorts, and start layering up, buttercup. Whether you live in a seasonal climate in which leaves are browning and turning a rusty red or if you’re just planning a holiday to a cooler climate to escape from the omnipresent humidity with which you’re living, it’s important to know that while your body might look no different from summer (plus or minus a few kilograms), your grooming needs must be tweaked during a season change in order for you to look your best.

Stay out of a hair-y situation

Men with oily scalps, rejoice. A cooler, drier climate is a boon for your hair. Say hello to volume! You’re lucky as you can afford to get a little lax with hair and scalp care. That’s because this climate is going to help tone down the overzealous sebaceous glands on your head. Therefore, give your oil-control shampoo a rest for it could overly dry out your scalp and cause it to go out-of-whack during this time. That could result in a painful scalp from it being too dry.

For men with a normal to dry pate, a cool and dry climate is very likely going to dry your scalp out and cause potential itching and a general sense of uncomfortable tightness. Regardless of which group you fall under, choose a mild sulfate-free shampoo. A good option would be the Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo bar from SEAandCLEAN  that’s made of natural ingredients. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a good cleaning agent and it also helps maintain a healthy pH on your scalp. If your scalp is on the dry side, you might want to skip traditional shampoo and go for an ACV rinse or consider using it to replace your shampoo on alternate days. An ACV rinse provides gentle cleansing without stripping your scalp of a healthy level of oil. Don’t worry, you won’t smell like an egg has gone bad on your head. Companies such as dpHue have come up with vinegar rinses that do not leave the sharp tang of vinegar lingering on your hair.

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Yes, the eyes don’t lie

The skin around our eyes are the thinnest on our body and they do not produce sebum/oil. That is why they would be the first area to show signs of dehydration. “Nice crows’ feet”, says no one to another person, ever. Therefore, it’s important to keep the skin around our eyes well hydrated. However, don’t just reach for the heaviest cream that you can lay your hands on. Go with what your skin needs. A heavier eye cream would work for guys with a drier skin type, and for those with oilier facial skin in general, you can afford to stay with the one you’re currently using. However, if your current eye moisturiser is a gel type, you might want to consider switching it to something more emollient and moisturising. A good eye cream that works well to deliver effect hydration is the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix.

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Get lips like pillows

Lips are probably the one element that most guys gloss over (pun intended) when it comes to their skincare grooming routine. You can probably get by with that in summer but come fall and winter, neglected lips are not just dry and unsightly, they can hurt, too. You can stop that from happening by ensuring that you keep your lips moisturised. Kiehl’s produces a great lip balm that provides long hours of hydration. Best part of it all is that it goes on matte. We don’t want to look like we just wolfed down a ton of wings now, do we?

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The one mug that really counts – yours

Once again, fall and winter is the time in which guys with oily skin should consider shelving their oil-control grooming products and go for something that’s more moisturising. The drier climate is already going to siphon moisture from your skin so don’t exacerbate that with your skincare routine. The same goes for guys with dry skin. Invest in a face wash that’s still going to give you the nice squeaky-clean feeling without drying it out. Paula’s Choice PC4MEN Face Wash is great for that. Post cleansing, remember to hydrate your skin sufficiently by choosing a moisturiser that works best for your skin concerns. Pick one that allows your skin to absorb the moisture effectively. One stellar product that works well to give you the ultimate hydration during cooler, drier climates is the coveted Crème de La Mer that promises the power to hydrate and improve dryness in as little as three days. If that’s still not enough for you during the night, you can seal the hydration by layering Dr Jackson’s 03 Face Oil over it. Those with oilier skin types would do best to just go with either moisturiser so you don’t overload your skin. And, don’t forget, regardless of the climate, you’d still need sunscreen when you’re out in the sun.

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Be a smooth operator – don’t neglect your body

Yes, in case you’re still wondering, your skin is one entire organ so when it gets dry, every part of it gets dry, Dry skin does nothing for intimate moments as no one likes getting sandpapered under the sheets. Keep those dry elbows, knees and ankles at bay by using a body moisturiser such as the Le Labo Body Cream. The best time to use a body moisturiser is after your shower as that’s when your skin is most receptive to moisture as it’s still damp.

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While you’re at it, don’t skim on your effort and make sure you apply it to the entire body from the neck down. If you’re truly a considerate man, you’d also throw in some nice hand cream as well, so your hands aren’t just nice and toasty to your bae but, soft as well.

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