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Stylish Hair Trend #7: Return of the Japan Wave

I am not sure if you have noticed, in the last 1 year or so there has been a growing trend of guys sporting some form of perm - something I have yet to dare try on myself. In all honesty, if it is done right (on someone with good features) it can look really stylish.
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Stylish Hair Trend #6: More Great Office Styles

This is a second part of my hairstyle series that focus on Japanese inspired men's hairstyle for work. We looked at 5 different looks in my first article, so here's another 5 different styles for you to ponder on this afternoon as you fight your Monday blues. For all you know, you might just want to pick up your phone and make a hair-cut appointment this evening and give yourself a new look, just in time for Valentine's Day tomorrow.

Skincare 101: 5 Basics to Remember

Men's skin care has really come a long way from the days of washing with a withered bar of soap and quick splashes of water. Today, the market is filled with an overwhelming amount of grooming products targeted at men and specially formulated to meet the unique needs of the male epidermis - stubbly, thicker, and oilier. I thought we should start with the 5 basic skincare tips for men to get everyone on the same page.
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Redefining the Bowl Haircut

A bowl cut, also known as a pot haircut, or a mushroom cut. This cut features longer hair around the top of the head and shorter hair around the lower part of the head with little or no blending between the two lengths , the bowl look can be cut in various lengths to suit your face shape, you can use the hair wax to style it very easily.

The right hairstyle for your face shape

Here you are, my breakdown of different face shapes and what you should generally keep in mind. Just because a haircut looks good on your friend or on a celebrity doesn't mean it will necessarily look as good on you!
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Want to create fuller, thicker looking hair?

If you are like me – totally into the whole Korean style wave happening now, you must have noticed that almost all of the trendy Korean hair styles require one thing: full, thick hair. Not well endowed in that department? Fret not for there are several easy ways in which you can create fuller, thicker looking hair. Here are a few of them!
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Exclusive Interview with Lab Series Skincare Expert + Win Lab Series Hamper

I was privileged to get an exclusive 1-to-1 interview with Richard Sawyer, International Education Director and Men’s Grooming Expert for Lab Series Skincare for Men, as he was in town for the event and the new products launch. Given such a great opportunity, I was eager to tap into Richard’s expertise and extensive knowledge of men’s skin and haircare, and have him share some tips for the modern men.